Reading Suggestions

Here is a list... 


Sacred Reading   Michael Casey, OCSO

A Guide to Living in the Truth,  Michael Casey, OCSO

Towards God,   Michael Casey, OCSO

Strangers to the City,  Michael Casey, OCSO

Monastic Practices,   Charles Cummings, OCSO

The Cistercians: The Way of Simplicity,   Esther de Waal

Seeking God, The Way of St. Benedict,   Esther de Waal

Living with Contradiction,   Esther de Waal

Tuning into Grace: the Quest for God,   André Louf, OCSO

Teach Us to Pray, Andre Louf, OCSO

The Cistercian Way, André Louf, OCSO

Seeds of Contemplation,   Thomas Merton, OCSO

Prayer and Community, the Benedictine Tradition - Columba

Stewart, OSB

The Genesee Diary by Henri Nouwen




What page, what passage
of the inspired books
of the Old and New Testaments
is not the truest of guides
for human life? 

- Rule of St Benedict, 73.2