Personal Prayer

Our life aims toward constant prayer. Even outside the liturgy, we try to bring our minds continually back to God. Each sister spends at least an hour each day in personal prayer. This may take many forms: centering prayer, dialogue with Jesus, the Rosary, quiet adoration and praise, pondering Scripture, interceding for people's needs. There are as many ways of praying as there are people, and our prayer changes to reflect what is happening in our life. 

Much of our prayer can be a struggle against boredom or distractions. We have to surrender ourselves, even the deepest parts of our mind and spirit, to God, and all that is unredeemed in us prefers our own pleasure and our own way. Over the years Christ helps us little by little to a fuller letting go so God may be all in all.  


Contemplative Outreach Ltd. - Resources and Programs for Centering Prayer

It is a safe dwelling place
to linger
in the wounds of Christ
by devout and constant meditation. 

- Bl. Guerric of Igny, 12th-century Cistercian.


It is for others to serve God;
it is for you to cling to him;
it is for others to believe in God,
know him, love him and revere him;
it is for you to taste him,
understand him,
be acquainted with him,
enjoy him.  

- William of St. Thierry, 12th-century Cistercian