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Speaking of magazines and of Iowa – the magazine Our Iowa, which has a large circulation (90,000 – even more than our newsletter!  ) is also doing a new series, short articles on Iowans who do interesting things. The sample they showed us was of a man who restores old tractors (now, there’s Iowa!). We will be featured in their December issue – a great time for us.


 We have some other exciting news from the
candy scene. For several years friends have been encouraging
us to make some caramels with sea-salt. Making a new
product involves quite a bit of time and money (for packaging,
for example), so we have hesitated on this, as flavor
fads change so quickly. But the sea-salt caramel craze has
been holding steady, so later this year we will make up a

limited supply of chocolate-coated caramels with sea-salt.
If they do well, we may have a new regular product. We’ve
tried a few preliminary samples, and have to admit –
there’s really something to this sea-salt caramel craze!
As a result of the changes we’ve been making in
our candy business, we had a less stressful season this past
fall – mainly, because we had less work to do. We now
have some employee crews operating during the “off”
season (January through August), so with inventory built
up we were able to cut down the number of “sister crews”
in the fall. But we still made about 60% of our annual
candy production in the fall, and that’s mostly about sister
Still, it’s a big change from only a year earlier,
when less than 20% of the year’s caramel production had
been done when September rolled round, and as usual we
faced a hard push to produce the remaining 80%. This
change is especially important as a relief to our older
sisters. Our four oldest members will turn 80 in the next 12
months, and since much of the candy work is physically
demanding, it’s not a moment too soon that we’re reducing
some of the work load.

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