Becoming a Nun

St Benedict calls the monastery a school of charity. It is here that the seeds of love and desire grow into a new manner of life, centered on Christ, and wholly ordered to contemplation. Our vocation is entirely devoted to the mystery of Christ, discovering the paradoxes of life in a self-emptying that leads to fulfillment, and a self-renunciation that leads to freedom and peace. It is not, however, some "other worldly" sublimation, but rather occurs within the rough and tumble of ordinary, daily events. Read more >

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At prayer this morning I made a vow. I made the vow always to love Jesus. I now know what my vocation is. I'm nothing but a soul in love with Christ. He desires nothing more than my love and he desires it wholly free of everything and everybody. Mary, Virgin, help me to keep my vow--to love Jesus in everything, through everything and always--love alone. Love that is humble, generous, free, mortified, in silence. May my whole life be no more than an act of love.

- Saint Rafael Arnaiz Baron, OCSO